↸ᒷ⎓╎リ╎リ⊣ ᔑ ∴𝙹∷ꖎ↸
The set of physical and cosmic laws that the world abides by.

Beings within the world confined to the restraints of the World Code. They can be created by the World Code or souls invited from elsewhere.

Beings outside of the world that watch and occasionally influence it or influence Entities.

Observers that have been granted a measured amount of power to influence the World Code and Entities as necessary. Sometimes known as Angels by Entities.

Beings (often former Observers) that have enough power to create and maintain a world and invite souls to be Entities.

ᔑリᔑℸ ̣𝙹ᒲ|| 𝙹⎓ ᔑ ᓭ𝙹⚍ꖎ
  Some Entities have souls, a higher level of consciousness within the World Code. Souls are fairly fragile yet contain a lot of energy. If an Entity were to lose their soul by dying permanently, they would no longer respawn in the World Code. Typically souls fracture upon Entity physical body death, with the fragments either passing on to an afterlife, reincarnating into a new entity, leaving to wander as lost souls, or being consumed by an Observer or another Entity. Souls generally are partially bound to whatever force created them, be it an Observer, Keeper, Helper, or a World. They are created with emotion and energy from their creator, and typically will go wherever the creator of the soul intends unless they are wandering alone.

  Souls that fracture in the Overworld either go to an Afterlife or Reincarnate. Souls that fracture in the Nether are left to wither and eventually become the soul sand and soil mobs tread upon. Souls that fragment in the Dreamscape are absorbed and consumed, while Souls that fracture in the End are left to wander the Void, eternally Lost. From there, some may grow strong enough to become Observers, and the cycle repeats.
ʖᔑᓵꖌᓭℸ ̣𝙹∷||
The Whisper is a cunning Observer that lurks in the darkest places of the endless expanse. Once weaker, it would take advantage of less experienced Observers and Keepers to gain power. It quickly learned that the amount of power needed to create a world was immense, and it could claim that power for its own if that energy were to be released from the constraints of a world. The Whisper was hardly self aware, maintaining only an instinct to feed and grow.

A new and inexperienced Keeper created a world with numerous souls. Some Observers lurked within its Code, with more popular ones known as ‘The Entity’ and ‘The Dreamscape’. The Keeper was fond of the Dreamscape and its unique impact on the World Code. It made the perfect unlikely ally for the Whisper in its own intelligence. The best way to break apart the world to get at its energy was to erase chunks of code, which would leave gaping holes to the Void in the physical Overworld. This hole-ripping, known by locals as the Corrosion, was first discovered after investigating the ‘wear and tear’ on the barriers between the three dimensions– the Overworld, Nether, and End. A similar code to the portals between these dimensions, but altered, could easily break apart the physical worlds if done right. The Whisper used the Dreamscape specifically to break holes into the Overworld first, and later managed to break through to the void, establishing a rough link between the End and Overworld, allowing the End’s code to seep into the Overworld.

The world was slowly corroded and reset by the Keeper in an attempt to fix it. However, the Whisper had already grown in power enough to continue using its code to corrupt and erase more of the World Code. In an attempt to save the remaining Entity souls and release them to their creators or desired afterlives or new worlds, the Keeper destroyed the world completely. With the energy of that world released, the Whisper consumed it and grew far more powerful and self aware.

Not long after, the Keeper made another world with more invited entity souls and observers. This time, the Keeper appointed more Helpers. With more power now, the Whisper managed to brew up a cosmic storm of sorts and send the code of the Keeper elsewhere, at least for the present. The Helpers were left confused as to where the Keeper disappeared. The Whisper tampered with the code as much as it could, allowing more random chaotic Observers to influence the World Code and Entities. However, the general code to cause Corrosion from the outside had been patched– it could only be accessed from inside the World Code.

One such tampering of Entity Code influenced certain Entities to become corrupted and choose to sabotage or kill others, which became known as The Curse. Another allowed for Observers to change the atmosphere, weather, generate various structures, or transport Entities to other places. Such events became known as Phenomena. With excess energy from the destruction of the previous world, the Whisper instilled an unbreakable crystal with power equal to that of a powerful Observer, Helper, or even a Keeper. This crystal allowed Entities access to the World Code.

The Dreamscape refused to subconsciously ally with the Whisper in this instance, finding that its primary energy source would be deleted if it were to take advantage of dimensional rifts and have the Corrosion happen again. In the meantime, The Whisper released the powerful crystal it created into the world to be used by Entities, curious as to what the Entities would do when given the energy of a destroyed world and the power of a Keeper. It also infused the code for Corrosion into what were known as ‘Keys’. While the Whisper itself could not Corrode the World Code, it could influence Entities within the World Code to do it for them.

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